About me & blog

What I obviously like to do: taking photographs, especially analogue and in black and white. I take lifelong learning very serious. Having a scanner personality , I have interests in all kinds of areas. But there are so many great things and sometimes I can't handle the fact not having the time and energy to do a lot of things #FOMO. The blog is an attempt to give space to at least a few interests; currently these include handicrafts and learning to repair.

And since the blog was mentioned just now: maipenquynh is the decision to share things of my life with you. Anything I want to think out loud on the internet I do on the blog.

The blog name mai|pen|quynh is mainly an audio-sensory gag (I just realize that this wasn't so clever for a blog xD). It is made up of the two parts of my first name Mai Quynh (*) and the word pen . pen symbolises several things: a pen but also part of the word penguin (cool animals!) (**).

I write my blog posts bilingual as often as possible – German and English. For the English version, I use DeepL for translation and then make a few adjustments. However, some posts don’t have an English translation (yet).

If you want, feel free to write me via maipenquynh@outlook.com or on Instagram @maipenquynh.

Here's to joyful writing and reading!

Mai Quynh / March 2023

[edit January 2024: I am currently revising the blog and introducing a translation button. In the meantime, there will be no English translation for some posts and it will be bit wild regarding the english translation.]


(*) Mein Name wird anders ausgesprochen als er wahrscheinlich gelesen wird (außer du kannst vietnamesisch). Daher höre dir lieber die vietnamesische Sprachausgabe bei Google für die Aussprache an, so geht am schönen Klang weniger verloren: Google Translate pronounces Mai Quỳnh

(**) If you read penquynh , it sounds a bit like any pronounciation version of penguin when actor Benedict Cumberbatch pronounces it in a documentary, watch on YouTube here: Benedict Mispronouncing Penguin Has Us Weak😭 #Shorts

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version), modified by me