just one picture: Filling Hydrangea

Filling Hydrangea


At first I wasn't convinced by the picture of the hydrangea, underexposed, too dark. But I still found something beautiful about it. At least beautiful enough for the wall because I had put it on my wall. My perception changed over time and now I quite like it. Has it developped that way because I saw it more often or has the spark always been there?

The picture of this hydrangea is one of many pictures that were created in impatience. Impatience for the other pictures already taken on the same roll. Impatience to see the pictures that were of real interest.

I affectionately call this way of seeing "filling the film". And I'm looking forward to showing more photos of this kind, I still have a few stored in my cupboard.

This has been the Fotokioskso far, this time I call it the format only one picture. It is not decided yet how this format will be called eventually and I am still on my way of finding out.

Camera + lens: Minolta Dynax 7000i + Minolta AF 100mm Macro f/2.8
Film: Kodak Professional Portra 160
Development + scan: ON FILM LAB

Internet findings (1)

We've all been there: you found something really good on the internet - so good that you want to shout it out into the world immediately and share it, going along with the spirit of sharing is caring!

This time I'm really doing it! I read something good and thought it must be shared! Not that I'm a big multiplicator 😆 But that is not the requirement anyways. The only requirement is my true desire that more people should see what I have seen!

I thought that I should collect a bit more and had scheduled it for a fortnight. But it didn't really add much more. And that's okay.

The driving force behind this post was:

Blogparade #6: Antifaschistische Politik in die Schule? by the german blog halbtagsblog.

I read the article before the elections for the EU but it feels even more important after the elections. I have often asked myself what performance schools can/should/must do these days. What Jan-Martin Klinge describes here is a large and important part of it. It is the attitude and understanding of what function school can (or should) have as an educational institution and also the verbalization of it that left me nodding my head in agreement.

In general, the blog halbtagsblog is one I enjoy reading. I am particularly grateful for the insights into education and how Jan-Martin Klinge understands and lives education. I am left with great impulses and often also a spark of hope as a person who is not (or no longer) active in education.

Coming to the end, more links to two other posts that were stuck in my mind:

The concept of this format, in the case it gets established, is not necessarily a blog presentation. This time it just turned out that way.

Coriander germling

I have an update on my coriander today – fascinating observations!

Well, what was peeping out of the ground? A small plant appeared, and the seed was still attached to it. The seed was, so to speak, upended over the two cotyledons. It looked funny.

I took a photo in the morning. At lunchtime I transferred the photos and looked at them and found them to be not quite satisfactory. So I went back to the coriander seed with the camera and wanted to take more photos. But I hadn't reckoned with light and photosynthesis! The little plant had already developed further and the two leaves had now unfolded. Instead of the coriander seed being upended over both leaves, the seed was now only attached to one of the leaves. Hello cotyledons!

But the news doesn't stop there! It took me so long to get round to work on the photos that the first leaf, which is clearly recognizable as coriander, has grown in the meantime.

In the meantime, a few more days have passed and things are looking good. But I haven't tried the coriander leaves yet. Still to come!

Camera + lens: Sony alpha 99 + Minolta AF 100mm Macro f/2.8