Strawberry tartlet

A strawberry tartlet. How it tasted? I wish I could remember. But it did look pretty, with that golden paper plate (although not much is left on the picture and we have nothing at all). Very photogenic. That's what we have to admit to the strawberry tartlet, don't we?

On that day, in a city that was quite unfamiliar to me, (in the truest sense of the word) I sweetened my time in a café. I was watching people and maybe they were watching me too. You saw each other, a small smile flitted across your face as you saw each other, and then you turned back to your newspaper or notebook.

Well fortified, I set off again to explore the city. To a place that I like to visit in every city: the Botanical Garden. The S-Bahn took me a few stops further west - until I was ready to get off at station Klein Flottbek.

Camera + lens: Minolta 9000 AF + Minolta AF 50mm f1.4
Film: KODAK 100T-MAX
Development + scan: Charlie Engel Lab 2.0

Summer vineyards | Between pixel and grain

"It must look megaaaa here in summer!"

That's what we said to ourselves as we stood on the banks of the Rhine in the town of Bingen, about 30 kilometres west of Mainz. There you have a wonderful view of the vineyards opposite. However, on a weekend in January this year, when we decided to explore the area, it was all very dreary. Dreary and icy cold.

On the other side of the Rhine, diagonally from Bingen, lies the town of Rüdesheim. It's probably best known for its instagrammable town corners. We were quite astonished when Rüdesheim was pretty much dead. Many shops are closed from January to March, Rüdesheim seems to have adapted to tourism. At least we had some gastronomic offeres. So we could sit down in a café.

Last summer, I went for a long walk with friends not far away from Bingen and Rüdesheim. That particular January weekend, we travelled past the station by train where we started and ended our long walk last year.

In anticipation of summer - but above all to warm up on my mind - I brought a view of the vineyards from exactly that day. I remember very warm temperatures and sweet white grape juice. I also remember a short nap on the bench. I can hardly wait for the warmer and longer days.

Camera + lens: Minolta Dynax 7000i, Minolta AF 50 mm
Film: Kodak Professional Portra 160
Development + scan: ON FILM LAB

Schrammsteine | Between pixel and grain

„Schrammsteine“, that’s a rock formation in Saxon Switzerland (a national park). Not far from where I used to live. As often is the case when you live in a place and the beautiful thing is only a stone’s throw away, you postpone visiting this beauties until later. Until later suddenly means „goodbye“ and beauty is at least 10 stone’s throw away. And so I am writing this text with some kind of nostalgia.

Most probably I remember the name of this rock formation because I took a photo of it. I was very excited about the picture – more excited than I usually am anyways – because this was the first film I developed by myself. I can’t describe it very well but I’ll put it this way: How happyyyyy I was when I hung the developed film up to dry and then discovered „die kleinen Schrammsteine“ on the negative. Joy oh joy!

And even if the photo itself is okay and the motif is not special, the photo is a nice reminder of „I was here!“ And also of those days when I called Dresden my home and Saxon Switzerland was just a stone’s throw away.

Camera + lens: Olympus XA2
Film: Agfaphoto APX 100 (probably; my film is still in the photo lab for scanning)
Developement: self developped (2022#1)
Scan: Charlie Engel Lab 2.0