Rau mùi (Pronunciation via Google Translate: click here), that's what I call this herb in Vietnamese, in German it's Koriander (and coriander in english). Rau means vegetable, mùi means odour; taken together it is something like vegetable with odour. When a plant is called like that, one expect it to have a particularly strong odour. One might think, this plant has to earn the name. But I think that there are other vegetables and herbs that have a much more intense odour. But languages have their own way of doing things, so I accept it.

Whatever. I did it like my mum and sowed coriander myself this year. Whether I can proudly tell my mum in a few weeks' time that my coriander has grown, remains to be seen. Keep your fingers crossed that I have a green thumb!

Elterngarten, 2022.

Camera + lens: Minolta 9000 AF + Minolta AF 100mm Macro f/2.8
Film: KODAK 100T-MAX
Development + scan: Charlie Engel Lab 2.0

Fotokiosk: Hedge branch

An almost unremarkable hedge branch


Camera + lens: Minolta 9000 AF + Minolta AF 100mm Macro f2.8
Film: KODAK 100T-MAX
Development + scan: Charlie Engel Lab 2.0

Little life things. September 2023

September was golden. For the 5 km run which I had been preparing myself for, I had the best weather I could wish for. It was pleasantly warm, not too hot. I am very happy with the result: I was faster than my last 5 km run a few years ago. So the training paid off!

I also remember many other warm and sunny days. We went for walks in the vineyards with friends and enjoyed wine and white grape juice with the best view. Nevertheless, I notice that winter is coming. Even though the temperatures were pleasant, the sun sets earlier every day, announcing winter. Once I decided against the planned run because the route was too long for the late hour and I wouldn’t have made it back home before dark. But since I didn’t go running at all, one might think I was a bit lazy that day 😛

In September, I took part in a tea ceremony – or rather enjoyed it. The tea master prepared the matcha tea and we just watched and drank very consciously. In everyday life, tea unfortunately remains a quick hot drink but I like to be reminded that tea is much more than that.

Otherwise, September also comprised: a whiteboard finally hanging on the wall, writing a letter to a friend about favourite places in Dresden, getting to know mushrooms. September was full of big and small memories. September was good to me. Nevertheless, now I’m glad that the quieter October has arrived and I have a bit more time. And can do some preparations for the big holiday.

Since I’m posting my monthly review a bit late again, I had the opportunity to read from others‘ monthly review that their autumn was also very golden. Maybe October will just continue where September left off for another while? I hope so!